Take care of your liver:

You can follow these steps to care of your liver

Maintain your weight: You should always maintain the right BMI (body mass index) as being obese or overweight increases your chances of developing a fatty liver (which may lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

Eat a healthy diet: You should eat a well-balanced diet consisting of 45–65% carbohydrates, 20–35% fat and 10–35% protein. You should also include a lot of fiber (which can be obtained from fruits vegetables and whole grains) in your diet. High calorie-meals, saturated fat and refined carbohydrates should be avoided.

Exercise regularly: Working out regularly helps reduce liver fat as the body starts burning triglycerides for fuel.

Stay away from toxins: Many different toxins can injure the liver. You can avoid them by limiting direct contact with and aerosol products, insecticides, chemicals, and additives. You should also stay away from tobacco products.

Take the right amount of prescribed medications: You should take medications exactly as directed by the physician. As taking medicines incorrectly or too much of it can damage your liver. You should also never mix medications with alcohol.

It is said that eating dinner on time plays a major role in maintaining healthy liver.
Any comments on the above statement? Is that right? TBD

The liver helps your body maintain a healthy level of blood sugar. Meal times have a significant effect on the levels of triglycerides in the liver. People who skip breakfast and eat late at night may have an elevated risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.