Stress Management

Hello. I am 46 years old. I feel some pain in my left shoulder at times of office hours.Could stress possibly be the reason for it?

Hello, this is Dr.Thomas.
A minimal amount of stress is often good, but too much stress, whether mental or physical will distract from your health.Due to stress muscles get to become stiff which could cause pain and discomfort.A depressed person typically lives in a state of inactivity, has an unhealthy dietary routine,and appears to have disrupted the cycle of sleep that causes stress to the muscles.

The best way to relieve stress pain of this kind is by reducing stress.

Find a therapist, family, friends, etc. to help you relieve stress. Strengthen your muscles.

Stay active. Do exercises. Consider meditation. Stress can mess with your physical health, social life, mental wellbeing, and can spoil everything. Give your best to counteract the stress.