Side effects of Roughage diet

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If the intake of fibre varies so rapidly, the stomach can be irritated and constipation can rise. Water is drained by soluble fibres which swell and traps some of the sugars and fats in it. It will make the process of excretion more complicated if there is not enough water in the system.

A rapid rise in the fibre content of the intestinal bacteria may also have an adverse effect, causing stomach cramps, bloating, gas and diarrhoea. To react to the high fibre consumption, the bacteria will then require more time.

Excess insoluble fibre can also cause certain difficulties for those with Crohn’s disease, such as bowel blockage. Some drugs may also conflict with fibre, and doctor’s advice on the same is needed. It is necessary to progressively increase the fibre content to limit the side effects. Instead of eating it all in one meal and remaining hydrated during the day, it is better to eat fibre during the day.

Most people eat packaged-food goods containing isolated fibres, but the health benefits are not very obvious. Any study shows that they do not have all the beneficial benefits that are given by natural fibre. Natural fibre intake is often the safest choice and a wide variety of food ingredients are combined to produce the best possible outcomes.