Shocking facts on how alcohol can single-handedly sabotage you health

Even one night of heavy drinking can increase your chances of cardiomyopathy

  • Since the link between drinking and cardiovascular health is an extremely complex one, one single rule cannot dictate how much is drinking is safe for you.
  • Nevertheless, alcohol renders critical side-effects on the working of your heart.
  • It elevates your heartbeat and shoots your blood pressure.

Alcohol is a potential toxin – for your liver and your stomach

  • Alcohol gets converted into acetaldehyde once we consume it.
  • This substance is 30 times more poisonous than alcohol (ethanol) itself.
  • As this poison trickles down your digestive system it casts major side-effects on two of your most vital organs – the stomach and the liver.

Alcohol attacks your frontal cortex – the emotion and judgment center of your brain

  • That’s because as soon as alcohol mixes with our bloodstream and gets carried to our brain, it first attacks the frontal lobe.
  • The frontal lobe (cortex) is the region of the brain which controls our emotional response and decision-making capacity.
  • Since alcohol is a depressant, it tends to numb our emotional reactions and the quality of our judgment.
  • The immediate result is that we start appearing more out-going.

Alcohol is the third leading PREVENTABLE cause of death

  • Increase in alcohol consumption is related to a surge in violent crimes.
  • Alcohol can kill both directly and indirectly.
  • Direct reasons include health complications.
  • According to WHO, there are 200 different fatal ailments and injuries where drinking plays a key role.