Reported Health Benefits of Spirulina

Anti-cancer properties:
Animal studies showed that these supplements can not only help offset risks of cancer, but it can also exert a positive influence on the size of tumors.

Relieves Allergic Rhinitis:
A study of more than 100 people showed that consuming 2 grams of spirulina a day brought immense relief to the symptoms of allergic Rhinitis. They found great relief for blocked nasal airways, itching, discharge, and sneezing.

Boosts Strength and Performance of Muscles during Fitness:
Research studies that sought to evaluate the influence of spirulina supplements on improving muscle strength and endurance during exercise found the results to be positive.

Aids Blood Sugar Management: Studies conducted on animals as well as humans have proved that spirulina is endowed with the ability to reduce blood sugar significantly.

Better Cholesterol Management: Spirulina’s effects on levels of triglycerides and LDL are beneficial in staving off risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also works to raise levels of HDL , the good cholesterol which is heart protective.