Recommendations for good sleep

Doctors worldwide are emphasizing more on maintaining a healthy sleep cycle than resorting to medicines for sleep-related complications. The following rules should be strictly adhered to in order to achieve a healthy sleeping habit:

  • Try to maintain a specific bedtime routine on a regular basis
  • Relax or meditate for some time before going to sleep
  • Create a peaceful sleep environment
  • Avoid noise, light or vibrations from electronic devices during sleeping
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco or any stimulants like caffeine before going to bed
  • Do not force yourself to sleep unless your body is tired
  • Use eye-masks to cover your eyes while sleeping during long journey flights
  • If you do not get sleep even after 20 minutes of lying down, get up and do something else till you feel sleepy.
  • Avoid very stiff mattresses or hard pillows
  • Try to avoid daytime naps
  • Perform physical exercise daily, but not before bedtime
  • Avoid very heavy meals before bedtime
  • Follow stress management strategies to reduce stress levels
  • Maintain a sleep-wake diary to keep a track of daily sleep patterns