Reasons why Sebaceous cysts should be removed

There are many factors that can influence the doctor’s decision to remove the cyst through surgery. The primary explanation for this decision may be that the cyst is causing complications, such as illness, whether the cyst alters a person’s diet, or if it is located in a popular spot.

The sebaceous cyst should be extracted in the doctor’s office with the patient’s permission, sterilisation of the area with a drape and sterile package to prevent infection spreading to other areas of the body, local anaesthetic to numb the area, and cutting the cyst out with a razor and other tools. If the cyst is still draining, the doctor may prefer to lance it.

Doctors removing a cyst would strive to remove the cyst entirely, as any remaining cyst tissue can allow the cyst to reappear at a later date. The cyst sac is emptied with the chemical phenol using a microincision technique. In other cases, a person may have a cyst but experience no signs or pain as a result of it.