Proven steps for perfect sleep


Follow these easy and effective science-backed techniques for getting a perfect sleep.

(1) You are what you eat (or don’t eat)

  • Your sleep’s worst enemies are caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.
  • Interestingly, caffeine’s effect on our body is opposite to that of melatonin.

(2) Go herbal or go home

  • For people who find insomnia or sleep-deprivation haunting them for months and years, the best solution is to include certain natural remedies designed to attain better sleep.
  • Valerian root is one of the most widely prescribed herbal remedies for inducing sleep naturally.

(3) Hush the electronic noises

  • We know that bedtime is when you get to browse through your Facebook and Instagram feeds or just spend some moments “Netflixing ”
  • Hence, the biggest change you can bring to getting a perfect sleep is by ditching your phones, laptops, and tabs before bed and opting to read a book instead.

(4) Find the underlying psychological cause

  • 65%-90% patients with depression also suffer from insomnia.
  • 50% of all individuals diagnosed with anxiety issues are finding it difficult to fall asleep.
  • CBT or Cognitive Behavior Theory helps an individual get in touch with the underlying root cause which might be responsible for sleepless nights.
  • A subsequent treatment for such condition will not only improve your quality of sleep, but also the mental health overall.

(5) Get moving!

  • Exercising and physical activities are closely tied to many vital bodily functions including our sleeping patterns.
  • Studies have revealed that performing aerobic exercises (30 minutes per day) can significantly decrease the amount of time required to fall asleep and improve its overall quality.