Probiotics: Food for gut?

Improves immune system

Studies have indicated that probiotics are helpful in enhancing the gut microbiome which in turn improves immunity.

Improves digestion

An important factor required for the process of digestion to work properly is with the help of probiotics. They are generally present in the colon and aid in the absorption and digestion process. The bacteria which are present in the colon make use of the prebiotic fiber that we consume and use them as their food source and become activated.

Prevents heart disease

There are numerous factors contributing to the risk factors for heart disease. One of the processes called glycation (bonding of sugar molecule) is responsible for the increase in the free radicals, which increases the inflammation, as well as lowers the insulin resistance. All these factors are considered to be high-risk factors for heart disease. Probiotics are helpful in reducing this process of glycation and reducing the risk factors of heart disease.

Reduces inflammation

Probiotics are helpful in reducing the inflammation in the blood vessels and aid inadequate blood flow, which in turn reduces the pressure on the blood vessels and prevents serious heart problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Helps to lose weight

Probiotics are helpful in managing weight loss since bacteria are known to absorb certain fats in the stomach and promotes a reduction in belly fat. Probiotic supplements also promote the feeling of fullness and reduce the intake of food.