Polycystic Ovaries

Hai. I am diagnosed with PCO’s, how could exercises fetch me a good solution for this PCO’S?

Hai, im Dr.Hema
PCOS is one disease triggered by lifestyle problems, I’m sure you’ve learned this from almost everybody who knows the disorder, but what they can’t tell you is that it’s often induced by shifts in our eating patterns and rates of stress.

If you are able to properly nourish your body, you will with little effort beat the disease.Exercise will essentially be Running and Cycling, after 2–3 months of daily aerobic exercise, you can do weight training.

You may also participate in some dance classes that can pump your heart to a good pace. This way you will make your workout with something more fun to look forward to every day.Running and aerobic exercises in other types will easily annoy anyone. I’ll heartily recommend doing either
Zumba or aerobics for physical fitness. They are one of the best forms of overall wellness practices.