Neck pain: Important signs

Neck pain symptoms are elusive in nature in most cases. The person may not be able to tell whether it is a neck pain, headache or upper back pain. Hence a proper knowledge of the following symptoms of the disease is necessary:

• Persistent pain in the middle or sides of the neck
• Pain may radiate to shoulder blade, upper back or chest
• Numbness or tingling sensation at the back of the neck (due to a trapped nerve)
• Stiffness and temporary immobility of the neck especially in the morning (due to injured joints)
• Cracking and crunching sounds originating from the neck during slight movements of the neck or head
• Muscle spasms that cause the head to turn to one side (Torticollis)
• Limited movements of the head and neck
• Soreness and weakness of neck muscles
• Dizziness
• Disturbed sleep