Mobile Phone : Friendly at day but enemy for night

  • There is no one who can live without mobile. Today’s generation has become technology dependent and mobile is the key role in it.
  • During night, most of the people have the habit of using the phone before taking nap. Well, this is 100% bad habit. The reason is it effects your sleep cycle.
  • If a person sleeps for only 6 hours or awake during late nights , are most prone to diabetes and heart diseases. Many research are have proven about this.
  • It also disturbs the endocrine & hormonal functions and even metabolism.
  • The main reason is , in every devices blue light emits. This light passes through retina to the hypothalamus and effects the circadian cycle of hypothalamus which is responsible for 24-hours of sleep cycle.
  • Due to this, even the kids who do this may have memory problems.
  • During sleep, Melatonin hormone is very important which is released by pineal gland.
  • If the melatonin secretion is less, our body get confused to day and night. Due to this many people might fell sleepy during noon or while working.
  • This also the main cause for getting depressed. You don’t have any reasons to get depressed but you will be suffering


  • Sleep before 2 hours of usage of phone
  • After waking up, don’t start your day by scrolling on feeds. Try avoiding that too,
  • Try to have natural sunlight exposure for 20-30 minutes.