Low progesterone: The dangers of this hormonal imbalance and how to correct it

  • Progesterone is a sex hormone that is present in females.
  • It is produced by the corpus luteum in the ovaries every month after ovulation and it is responsible for the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

Symptoms of low progesterone levels

These are some symptoms you may have if you have low levels of progesterone


  • Sometimes headache or migraines are caused by hormone imbalance.

Mood swings

  • As women grow older, the production of progesterone lessens and this sometimes leads to mood swings.
  • This is because progesterone plays a vital role in keeping our moods stable.

Irregular periods

  • Low progesterone levels may lead to long menstrual or irregular cycles.

Weight gain

  • Progesterone is also responsible for regulating metabolism. So if you have less progesterone in the body, your metabolism may slow down leading to weight gain.

Gall bladder problems

  • The gallbladder contains progesterone receptors and low levels of this hormone may lead to problems such as gallbladder stones.


Taking vitamins
Increasing the intake of vitamin B and C ,which are responsible for the production of progesterone may help.

Consuming zinc-rich food
You can also improve your progesterone levels by eating more zinc rich food such as meat, shellfish , legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans, seeds, nuts, dairy products, eggs, and whole grains.

Managing stress
Too much stress leads to the release of cortisol (the stress hormone), which in turn diminishes the production of progesterone.

Other ways to boost progesterone levels

Maintain your weight: Being overweight or obese prompts the body to produce more estrogen. This causes an imbalance and leads to a decrease in the production of progesterone.

Reduce stress :Stress leads to the release of cortisol, which helps your body react to stress by increasing the blood pressure and heart rate.

Avoid over exercising : This is because over exercising leads to the body releasing stress hormones, which have an adverse effect on the production of progesterone.

Eat a healthy diet : Consuming a healthy diet with a balance of all the nutrients will help you improve your overall health.