Is this coffee bulletproof from side-effects?

Reduction in Nutrient Intake

This cannot be considered a balanced breakfast since it lacks fibers, important vitamins, and proteins that we need.

High Concentration of Saturated Fats

Experts agree that unsaturated fats are better than saturated ones.
The reason is that saturated fats are known to play an important part in increasing the risk of heart diseases.

Risk of Weight Gain

If a person takes a diet containing carbs then BulletProof Coffee at breakfast will not provide the desired energy levels. Moreover, energy gained will be less than what someone on a keto diet will get by drinking Bulletproof Coffee.

This, in turn, can result in an overall increase in food intake to balance reduced energy intake during breakfast. Such over-consumption may eventually result in weight gain.

The possibility of Stomach Upset

It is a known fact that fat stimulates gut motor activity or what is also known as gut motility.

High fat intake (such as when you are drinking Bulletproof Coffee) can lead to stomach upset in people with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)