Is saline water considered safe for tooth ache?

Hai. Can i use salt water to reduce my tooth ache? Is that considered safe?

Hai. Yes , for some issues its safe.
Salt only relieves some forms of toothaches, especially those that arise from gingival inflammation (swelling in the gums).

Salt produces a hypertonic medium around the swollen tissues that decrease the amount of inflammation (decreases the swelling), thereby minimizing extreme pain to an appropriate degree.

However, if the pain is due to tooth decay, pus infection, or tooth fracture, it should not be expected too much relief.If any, the relief received is merely a placebo.Thanks to its antibacterial properties, saline rinse It is also very pleasant for your gums(gingiva).

It’s one of the most suggested post-treatment advice offered to any patient following any oral surgery.Hot salt water rinses are also used to reduce discomfort and swelling for postoperative surgery. Also recommended if one had acute gum pain from swelling before serious problems can be examined in the area.