Is over sweating harmful to health?

Hai. I found myself sweating too much inspite of no heavy work.Is it very harmful for my health?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweat production is a disorder which greatly affects the quality of life of those suffering from it.This is not necessarily related to exertion or temperature.

Sweating is a healthy body’s normal activity, as it regulates the temperature and liquid of the body.But when it’s excessive, it’s not beneficial to you and it can highly determine the activity of a person as well.Sweat is produced in the sudoriparous glands and is excreted through the skin, pores to cool the skin.

That is why it has a required function for the thermal equilibrium and also to remove excess fluids from the body.situations, the glands are too involved and create sweat even when the body need not be cooled.On the first case, this can be attributed to genetic causes, but there are also certain medicines and diseases which can cause it.

Finally, changes in the nervous system, such as stress, anxiety, or emotional tension, can increase sweating, too.

Some preventive measures and adverse effects ,

Wear loose clothing ,

Drink lots of fluids and electrolytes,

Try not to go through extreme temperature changes,

Seek to prevent stress or exhaustion ,

Don’t go for too long without food.

So just let go, don’t think about it too much…a minor change in lifestyle will help to minimize it.