Is Microwaved Food Unsafe?

  • Putting raw foods through any type of process including heating and cooling leads to changes in their physical properties, chemical composition and nutritional profile.

  • If nutrients are lost from foods cooked in microwaves, this would be because too high a temperature was used, or they were cooked for too long. The correct combination of time and temperature can help preserve most nutrients while also improving the foods’ taste, texture and color.

  • Microwave cooking is unlikely to negatively affect vitamins and other compounds associated with improved health. For instance, rapid cooking actually helps preserve a group of beneficial chemicals, the polyphenols that increase the total antioxidant activity of foods in green vegetables.

  • Microwaving or steaming vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and spinach, to pressure cooking it is found that vegetables that were pressure cooked lost more insoluble fiber, which is good for gut health, than those that were microwaved or steamed.

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