Is laser treatment for hair removal is harmful?

Can i do laser treatment for hair removal? Is that harmful?

Laser Hair Removal is a method where a laser the beam passes through the skin, hitting the black hair roots. The heart, which absorbs the laser, heats up and gets removed, thereby permanently growing the hair.

The Laser Hair Removal procedure, done by considerate and caring therapists and under the scrupulous supervision of our doctors is not at all unpleasant and very healthy.Unwanted hair growth is a a major problem many women face.

Often we need to return to non-permanent methods of hair removal on a monthly or weekly basis. The entire process can be quite a challenge and a painful and humiliating situations for many; particularly those with excessive facial hair.

Most often you’d be told to go to laser therapy for permanent hair removal.Laser hair removal targets coarse, dark hair and leaves the underlying skin intact as opposed to shaving or waxing. Though there may be some sensitivity in the region, the laser affects only the hair follicle.

Yes,laser treatment for hair removal is harmful, because there is so many reason…for hair growth its under HPO axis unwanted hair growth are due to hormones once you remove the hair permenently its leads to hormonal imbalance…and you may have a chance of some major problems like uterine problems etc…lesser treatment suppress the hormone…