Is it safe to remove appendix by surgery and what all should be considered post-operatively?

Hai. i wish to know about the risks of removing appendix and the care routine after the surgery.

Hello yadhav,

The appendix is what is referred to as a vestigial organ — that is, it has no defined function and is a leftover artifact of the evolution of the body.

Nevertheless, there is a recent study suggesting that it may serve as a storage place for digestive gut bacteria, but this has not been completely accepted — time will tell.The appendix has no function except to become infected by peritonitis and probably cause death if it bursts.

The duration of your recovery after an appendix surgery is determined by various factors. Depending on the type and nature of surgery you have undergone and the ability of the body to heal, the complete healing period can be from 2 to 4 weeks from the initial operation phase anywhere.In cases where the appendix erupts and

interferes with certain body functions, hampering the state of health, an appendix surgery may relieve the pain and discomfort that the patient may experience.

Unless the doctors find the appendix not broke, after examination, the doctors can discharge you after 1 or 2 days.

You should not drink something that is harmful and falls into the fast-food category for the next 2days after completion of the procedure.

Over the next 14days, it is best to rest before going out for work or school.The symptoms and signs that hint at the acute health problem should be overlooked.

It involves loss of appetite, diarrhea, extreme fever, discomfort when urinating, a need for regular urination, in addition to nausea and vomiting.