Is it abnormal to have fast heartbeats sometimes?

Hai. I feel that sometimes my heart beats fast. Is it normal or abnormal?

Human hearts will beat 60—100 times a minute. When the heart beats more than a hundred times a the minute this is considered extreme (in the medical world called tachycardia). Rapid heartbeats can last for hours to seconds. Not every case of a heart beat racing is dangerous.

Many ordinary circumstances that aren’t heart-related will cause your heart to race. This may include as follows:

Exercising heavily Stress, anxiety, fear or panic attacks,Blood sugar low, or blood pressure low ,Fevers, fatigue and anemia,Pregnancy or childbirth,Too much alcohol, nicotine or caffeine.

You can also try to keep a diary of your symptoms and write down what you did before you began to notice your heart was beating quickly. Recording your heart rate when it increases can help your doctor better identify what causes it. If you feel a lot of pounding in your heart and you don’t exercise or get stressed (for example), then you should think hard about seeing a doctor.