Is CrossFit safe for you?

  • People have reported injuries while doing CrossFit.

  • Injuries were caused mostly when they have been doing high-intensity movements they were not trained for or lifting heavier weights than they should be lifting.

  • The injuries were most common to:

  1. Tendons around the shoulder joint
  2. Lower back
  3. Knees
  4. Legs
  5. Elbows (led to a condition called tennis elbow)
  • Most of these injuries could have been avoided if the people were provided step-by-step instructions by a fitness instructor trained in CrossFit.

  • Beginners must start with lesser weights, follow the instructions, take the necessary precautions, and take their time if they need to.

  • CrossFit is not safe for everyone. If you are pregnant, and you are new to CrossFit, it is recommended that you stop immediately and practice other less strenuous exercise routines instead.

  • If you are pregnant and have done CrossFit before, then you could continue, provided you have the permission of a doctor.

  • People over the age of 65, particularly with heart health issues, are advised not to do CrossFit.