I feel hungry frequently. Is this a sign of diabetes?

I eat 3 main course a day but then sometimes during the day i feel extreme hunger and i end up eating much. Will it be a cause of diabetes?

It may be that your blood sugar is too low or too high, but when you check your blood sugar, you don’t know whether it is one or the other. A regular blood sugar is 74–150 mg / dL. Only make sure you don’t test it until you have eaten two hours or you can test it before eating. It will be two hours after eating on the higher-end, and before eating on the lower end.

Diabetes signs (main) are hunger, unexplained weight loss (although you might be eating more), intense thirst, and burning when you pee.

If you’re just hungry then that’s nothing.If you do have other signs it is very doubtful. It is probably only hungry! But it may also, be other stuff. There is no point in the worrying-your doctor will be able to do some quick tests and then you will know for sure.