How Ventilator is used for corona patients to ease their recovery?

Hai. I noticed that ventilators play an important role in recovering patients from covid. How is that used?

Hello samir.
A ventilator is a machine that allows people with extreme respiratory problems, such as pneumonia, to breathe freely as the illness has affected their lungs to operate without outside assistance.

Placing someone on a ventilator is a routine procedure, but in the case of COVID-19 positive patients, physicians and nurses need to take precautions so that they do not become contaminated themselves — which may include wearing full hazmat suits.

Coronavirus attacks lung tissue and makes it difficult to breathe. Some patients need help breathing. A “breathing machine” – also known as a mechanical ventilator is used in this situation to assist lung function.

The ventilator pumps air into the lungs, helping to maintain the blood oxygen levels proper. The medical team needs some kind of access to the patient’s lungs to use a mechanical ventilator.

To enter the lungs a tube can be inserted into the mouth or nose. That is known as intubation.Or, a tube, medically known as the
the trachea may be inserted into the windpipe. The technique for having a windpipe opening is called a tracheostomy.

The most common changes would affect the amount of effort the patient has to make and the amount of oxygen supplied. Throughout the day, adjustments are made fairly frequently to improve the the patient’s comfort level and ensure proper levels of oxygen in the blood.