How to correctly consume sodium chloride (table salt)?

  • Sodium plays a vital role in maintaining an ion and a water balance.
  • Its role in maintaining blood pressure is so needful that its deficiency affects the vital organs.
  • Eating foods containing sodium is something that we do on a daily basis but monitoring the intake is even more needed.
  • The human body is like a sodium container, the more the sodium, the more will be the water to dilute it and the more will be the pressure on the container.

Knowing the multifaceted role of sodium,

  • the use of sodium in the form of sodium chloride in many medications and
  • the presence of this mineral in varieties of food sources and
  • in varying amounts makes it convenient for you to reach out to grab your share of sodium in the required amount
  • as well as, acts as an eye opener towards the use of sodium in your body.