How to beat the common cold?

  • The importance of washing your hands and keeping them germ-free cannot be overstated here as this method is most effective in getting rid of the maximum virus.

  • The most common areas through which the germs spread are doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, faucets, and toothbrushes. Make sure after every time you touch these, you sanitize your hands.

  • Eyes, nose, and mouth are the common regions through where the virus can enter your body.

  • Avoid touching them if there if people around you are infected with the common cold.

  • Nicotine is the worst aggravator of a sore throat. It irritates the lungs and throat and thus smoking must be prohibited at every cost.

  • Keep two things away – sugar and stress. These will suppress your immune system and make you more vulnerable to cold and cold-like infections.