How is Sigmoidoscopy exam done?

– As you arrive in the hospital, your nurse or medical attendant will take your blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. After that, your endoscopist will explain you the procedure and you will be required to sign in the written consent. Your nurse will help you to change to a hospital gown or paper shorts.

– During the test, you will be asked to lie down on your left side on the examination table. Your endoscopist will insert the sigmoidoscope gently through your back passage. A gel is used to soothe out the discomfort. The procedure is generally painless and does not require any anesthesia.

– A small amount of water and air will be passed through the tube to open up the bowel so that the doctor can have a clear vision. You will feel bloated, but this is quite normal.

– The endoscopist will take photographs of your bowel lining to rule out any polyps or abnormalities. They can also take a tissue sample if any abnormality is found. If there are any polyps, a wire loop will be used to remove them from your bowel lining. The samples are sent to the laboratory for further examination.

– Your endoscopist will inform you if any polyps or abnormalities are found during the procedure.