How is a liver biopsy performed?

The following are the steps followed during a biopsy.

– You will have to put on a hospital gown and will be given a mild sedative to help you relax.

– An IV line can be connected through your wrist if needed for introducing any medication.

– You will lie on your back and the doctor will numb the area with a local anesthetic in the case of a percutaneous liver biopsy.

– A small incision will be made on the skin and a needle will be inserted to collect the liver sample.

– In case of a transjugular liver biopsy the incision will be made on the neck and a tube, followed by a needle, will be inserted.

– You will be expected to lie still throughout the procedure.

– The needle is removed and the site is covered by a sterile bandage.

After the sample is extracted you may need to stay under observation for a few hours. A feeling of pain, discomfort in the site of biopsy, right shoulder or back may be felt. The doctor may prescribe a medication to ease any pain. It is best that you bring along a relative or friend who can accompany you home after the procedure is over.