How is a Cardiolipin IgM test performed?

  • Generally, the collection site is located on the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand.
  • The process involves the following steps.
  1. At first, the healthcare practitioner disinfects the area where the needle will be inserted with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Then an elastic band is tied in the upper arm to make the veins swell with blood, thus making them more visible.
  3. A needle is inserted into the vein and the required volume of blood is drawn through it in an attached tube or vial.
  4. A stinging sensation is felt when the needle is being inserted.
  5. The band around the arm is loosened and the needle is then slowly withdrawn.
  6. Some pressure is applied on the site through a small bandage or a cotton piece to prevent any excessive bleeding.
  7. The spot is then covered with a sterile bandage and the sample is sent to the laboratory for testing.
  8. Since the size of the veins and arteries vary from one person to the other, the collection process may be difficult for some patients and multiple punctures may be needed.