How does vaccinations work? And can it suppress our immunity?

Hai I want to know about how actually the vaccines work and whether it could suppress our immunity?


Vaccines introduce dead or severely weakened pathogens or proteins to the body which typify specific pathogenic organisms. This exposure would allow the immune system to identify these species more readily in the future and to fight them off faster before they can develop critical mass.

Children are given vaccines so that they can fight these diseases before they can even cause symptoms. This also ensures vaccinated individuals are not carriers and are unable to pass the disease on to others.

By training the immune system to identify the pathogen and create antibodies, vaccines work. If the pathogen submits the body to a potential infection , the immune system would be better able to fight it. Additionally, vaccination prevents transmission.

We don’t test the ‘health’ of the immune system of any human, so we don’t have any evidence that vaccinations make our immune systems healthier or worse.

There are two forms of the harm that one vaccine could cause.

Vaccines may make the immune system less powerful, and therefore less capable of fighting disease. They may, on the other hand, make it too solid, or too reactive.

The effect will be an autoimmune condition where the the immune system isoveractive and healthy tissue is targeted. There are lots of autoimmune diseases today, but there is no science, as far as I know, to decide if they are caused by vaccines.