How diabetes affects liver?

Hai. Is there any effects that having diabetes can actually damage liver? How?

The key task of the liver is to filter the blood from the digestive tract, before transferring it to the rest of the body. The liver detoxifies toxins as well, and metabolizes drugs.

The liver secretes bile as it does so which ends up in the intestines to break down fats.Most of us agree that liver disease typically develops after diabetes sets in for diabetics.

Ironically, the liver is burdened first and this is where diabetes starts.Liver performs 500 different functions. Another of them is the handling of digested food material. Everything is in abundance is found in fats.

This fat is then converted into sugar for energy whenever needed.Now when it’s already overburdened with such a stressful life, it gets overwhelmed by another stress of metabolizing fructose all the time.

Many things continue to happen over some time like the deposition of fat in the liver itself (fatty liver). Insulin resistance then sets in. And boom, diabetes. At least 50 percent of slim people are also estimated to suffer from fatty liver.

Fatty Liver is the first stage in an implacable hepatic descent and liver cirrhosis. So, notice it early, and do something to restore your liver from being obese to being a healthy, hard-working organ it should be.

Yeah, diabetes is caused by a liver that doesn’t have any fun coping with the glucose excess in your body. Give a break to your liver, and take a handle on
what you eat, how much you eat, and what you eat.