How can I maintain my weight after losing it?

I have lost 20 kgs., but I am afraid that I will gain it back like I always do. Is there anything I can do to help keep this weight off for good?

Give yourself a pat on the back for losing 20 kgs. But You’ll still have to maintain a healthy diet and follow basic workout. You’ll have to follow the diet and workout because your body has the tendency to easily gain weight so if you don’t want to gain go that point you’ll still have to follow the same regime but you can get bit lenient…!

  • 45 + minutes of exercise most days of the week
  • Maintaining a low-fat diet
  • Calorie-controlled schedule
  • Eating the same as the daily meal but you can plan on special occasions, such as holidays.
  • Weigh yourself regularly
  • keeping a food diary