How can i get rid of naturally dark lips?

Hai, i naturally have upper dark lips what can i do to get rid of this?

Dark upper lip typically develops due to certain internal dysfunctions including impurification of the blood, genetic traits, etc.

Other than that certain external factors that are bleaching are present, using hair removal cream, etc.Instead of going for beauty treatments, it It is always safer to go to the hospital.Every woman wants to flaunt both pink and soft lips.

Gorgeous lips make your smile even more stunning.Yet when the lips get pigmented and dark it just takes away the smile’s charm.So, here’s some natural and homely way to lighten the dark upper lips

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is the most strong ingredients that have different health benefits to it.

Milk: Apply milk topically to the region to lighten dark upper lips.

Cucumber juice:Cucumber juice not only has a natural bleaching agent but also can soothe the skin that is inflamed.

Honey: If your upper lip region is dark due to any external causes, such as bleaching, using hair removal cream, etc.