How can i get rid of dandruff completely?

Hai. Is there any way that i can completely cure dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by two sources. Second, it may be scalp dryness. And the other cause maybe scalp infection. The only treatment is to Grease the scalp. That reduces skin dryness.

But never go to bed with oil in your hair at night, as it can result in hair loss. When we add oil to the hair the follicles get heavy. Oil your hair 2 times a week, and wash your hair gently and thoroughly with a strong dandruff shampoo after every oiling session.

Don’t let the oil stay on for 4–5 hours. Wash your hair with cold water and oil your hair in-between days. Your scalp can secrete natural oil (sebum) that is enough to keep your hair healthy.Everybody sheds millions of scalp cells every day but if the white flakes dust your shoulders conspicuously, you can have an overabundant population of a microscopic fungus living on your scalp.

Being treated with herbal shampoo, rinse and scalp will help control the fungus while improving your scalp health.The modern diet is also responsible for things such as dandruff, to a large degree.

At present, our staple diet consists of processed food, refined sugar, fatty and, fried food which leads to inflammation, which in turn leads to flaking and dandruff. Seek to reduce your salt, sugar and trans-saturated fat intake.