How can I find that I have recovered from Covid -19 Completely?

I was affected by Covid -19. I got discharged from the hospital after the getting negative results. Still I feel I am not completely back to full strength, but no more infectious symptoms at all. How to find that I am fully recovered from Covid ?

Hi Krishna, it can take 6 weeks or longer for someone to fully recover if they were in critical condition. But you can always be cautious that you are no longer being infected or spread infections to others.

The COVID-19 patients who are considered recovered meet three criteria:

  • No fever for at least 72 hours without medication
  • Improvement in other symptoms, like cough or shortness of breath
  • A period of at least 7 days has passed since symptoms first appeared

Make sure that you fall into all the above three categories. But after recovering from the infection, the body may not be operating at 100 percent, especially if the person was hospitalized or severely ill.

Be active and stay healthy. :slightly_smiling_face: