How Aspartame is Counter-Productive

Its influence on weight management

  • Its perceived benefit on weight management as a low-calorie sweetener may not be true, according to 2017 research study.
  • The study found, there was no concrete proof of the role of these low-calorie artificial sweeteners in weight management.

Effects on metabolism and risk of glucose intolerance

  • Aspartame influences the control of appetite.
  • This could lead to other repercussions like the onset of metabolic diseases, Type 2 Diabetes for one.

Risk of Seizures and Brain Cancers

  • Earlier studies on mammals pointed to the development of brain cancers and grand mal seizures in mammals.
  • Human studies carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority found the so-called negative effects of prolonged use of artificial sweeteners was not constant in humans.