Home remedies - Immunity boosters can turn toxic if dosage is exceeded - Doctors' concern!

"Immunity" is a word that has become very prevalent in the current scenario. People are ready to consume anything that claims to boost immunity and they seldom think on the accepted dosage.

More precisely the home made concoctions which are said to boost immunity like the turmeric, pepper, ginger etc. might solve the purpose if consumed in adequate quantities. Unfortunately since these are available in plenty people are not aware of the doses and they intake more than the prescribed amount and end up in having many side effects.

The vitamin pills, zinc tablets etc. are also available over the counter and people consume the same without any dose regulation and end up in having allied health issues.

It is highly essential that one knows the correct quantity of the immunity booster that they intake in any form.

Please be aware that taking any kind of medication beyond the prescribed dose might end up more disastrous than the actual good that it might do

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