Healthy diet for Weight loss

The important components needed to be added in weight loss diet are

Here is the Healthy diet plan
(1) Drink 1 glass of water

(2) Morning ; Eating fruits in empty stomach gives lots of health benefits. Oats is the best food which is high in protein and fibre.

(3) You should have 5 hours gap between Breakfast and lunch. Make sure you drink 1 litre of water in between this time gap.

(4) In lunch, chappati with chick peas or half boiled vegetables are highly preferable. This food have high in vitamins which helps you to cut down fat.

(5) For snacks, Figs and almonds are best substitute for chocolates , biscuits etc

(6) Finally coming to dinner, having a lite food is the best thing for your body. Vegetable soup is highly preferable as it has many vitamins and minerals.