Health Benefits for Green Healing

  1. Exercise and green therapy
    Mother Nature doesn’t come with fast-moving automobiles or elevators. Which means if you aim to cherish the beauty of nature, in the most natural form you will have to move around by foot. You can hike, walk, trek, or just stroll.

  2. How clean is your air?
    Either buy the ridiculously priced “canned” air or take a nature hike. Away from the pollution of both your indoors and outdoors, you finally get to breathe pure oxygen.

  3. Out in the nature with Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is probably the only essential nutrient that is synthesized in our body upon exposure to sunlight.

  4. Green brain; clean brain
    Natural surroundings have a holistic effect on our brains. Starting from boosting our short-term memory to enhancing our creativity– a walk in nature makes it all possible.

  5. For your eyes only
    Whether it’s the natural light or the open spaces, human eyes tend to accommodate better when regularly exposed to nature. So, if you feel that your eyesight is slowly giving up, try taking regular walks in wide green spaces.