Has my height has anything to do with my back pain?

Hai.I am about 6 2’ tall. Does my height has anything to do with my back pain?

Hello. Hope you’re doing well.
Back pain affects all shapes and sizes but it’s not about the body.It’s about equilibrium; specifically the imbalances that are induced by many factors- posture.

So a grownup, particularly over 6’2, would most likely have some back related imbalanced.People with lateral imbalances tend to kyphotic shoulders and this disorder can be exasperated by postureissues as very tall people are constantly adjusting their stance to accommodate low doors or floors, work conditions with poor ergonomics or reducing their height.

When sitting, standing, walking or sleeping, most of us don’t always maintain a good posture.However, the effect of deviation from proper posture tends to have a more pronounced effect on the taller.

I feel more than the total height, what matters is the length of the trunk.The shorter the head, the less on the back would be the effect of deviation from the right posture.The impact of deviation from proper posture will increase asymmetrically for longer trunks.

It’s not our height, but here are the most common causes of back pain listed: lower back pain is mainly due to mechanical or axial pain from the muscles.

However, our back pain can also be attributed to

  • spine-related injury
  • complications and accidents
  • emotions such as stress, depression, and l
  • ifestyle anxiety causes such as slouching,
  • lifting heavy items,
  • becoming overweight,
  • not exercising,
  • smoking, and wearing high heels or poorly cushioned shoes,
  • Including age-related risk factors such as medical conditions and pregnancy.

Some experts note that even our internal organs such as our kidneys, colon or pancreas, particularly on our left side, can cause lower back pain.We can relate the pain in

Yet one thing remains important: we have to take care of our backs.Simple exercises we should take regularly, such as being mindful of our position while we are sitting or standing.