Haemolytic Anaemia: Prevention

There are no known ways to prevent hereditary hemolytic anemia from developing. If you were born with a G6PD (glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency, you can lessen the intensity of your symptoms by avoiding triggers like naphthalene balls (moth balls). Rh incompatibility can be detected through genetic counseling and prenatal care.

When the pace of red blood cell destruction in the body is excessively high for a variety of causes, and the rate of replenishment is unable to keep up, a person is said to be suffering from hemolytic anemia. Because one of the fundamental roles of blood is to transport enough amounts of oxygen to all regions of the body, this condition affects the entire body and all of its organs and tissues. Depending on the nature of the cause, the condition may be transitory or permanent. In inherited cases of hemolytic anemia, treatment can assist to ease the condition to some extent. Infections and acquired illnesses such as trauma, on the other hand, can be totally resolved.