Ghee: a Spoonful of Health Benefits


It is highly rich in nutrients and fatty acids which are beneficial for health and has a positive effect on digestive mechanism of our body, but other fats like oils and butter can slow down the digestion. It helps in proper body functioning when taken in proper quantity.
Ghee helps to boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K where all are important to maintain a healthy vision. Ghee is free from casein & protein therefore it can be even consumed by people with casein intolerance. It contains C L A or conjugated linoleic acid which prevents from cancer, reduces inflammation and lowers B.P. This clarified butter or pure ghee when taken in controlled quantity has lots of health benefits.
• Enhances digestion
• Reduces inflammation
• Enhances bone strength
• Promotes weight loss
Ghee has fat lowering capacity, it can reduce the cholesterol in intestine and serum.