Fish Oil: Why do doctors love prescribing these to heart patients?

Bipolar disorder

  • Fish oil is also beneficial in treating bipolar disorder.
  • Taking fish oil along with regular treatments for bipolar disorder seems to improve symptoms of depression in people with bipolar disorder.

Chemo-related weight loss

  • Consuming a high dose of fish oil can slow weight loss in cancer patients.
  • Researchers believe that fish oil slows cancer-related weight loss by fighting depression and improving the mood of people with cancer.

High blood pressure

  • Cyclosporine is a medication, which is used to reduce the chance of organ rejection after an organ transplant, but Cyclosporine is also known to cause high blood pressure.
  • Consuming fish oil seems to prevent high blood pressure caused by this drug.

Heart disease

  • Eating fish is known to be effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and keeping the heart healthy.
  • Consuming fish oil along with the regular medications for heart ailments improves the chances for curing the disease.


  • Moderate fish consumption, which is once or twice weekly seems to lower the risk of having a stroke by as much as 27%