EPISODE 2 - Pregnant women who fought the corona virus

About Episode
This episode is about a patient who has recovered from Covid -19. She shared her encounter with Covid -19 and her experience of isolation at home being pregnant.

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She gives a happy statement to all pregnant women that “Corona virus will not affect or harm the fetus in the womb”. For pregnant ladies, who were infected with corona virus, drinking warm water with lemon is the best medicine. She advices all to have steam inhalation with rocksalt and with pinch of turmeric. She is advising not to drink kabasura kudineer (Immnunity boostinh herbal drinks) during pregnancy because it triggers the sensation of vomiting. She gives advice to all the pregnant women about the methods to improve their health and fight against Covid -19 at this pandemic situation.

We hope this talk will give you an insight on the Covid infection.

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