EPISODE - 1 An encounter with Covid-19

About Episode
There’s a lot of confusion about COVID-19. Whether it’s how to prevent it, or it’s question about how serious it is. In the current crisis, people concerns are heightened as they continue to grapple with how to mitigate COVID-19. So as a ray of hope this podcast is about a corona survivor who has recently recovered from COVID-19. He shared with us his experience throughout his patient journey.

Stories that heal

He followed home remedies like kabasura kudineer (Immunity boosting drink in Tamilnadu using multi herbs), saltwater gargling, eating gooseberries, steam inhalation and some early morning walk in rooftop. So all these things helped him to boost his immunity. He spent 10 days in Corona care centre and successfully survived covid -19.
He advices three things to all of us. The first is to closely monitor our body functions regularly and we should not panic. Second, we have to help our immune system to become better making it capable to kill the virus and the third is improving keeping our mental health in fit.

We hope this talk will give you an insight on the Covid infection.

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