Does your teeth really need charcoal toothpaste?

  • Even with all the beneficial effects of charcoal, there is not much supporting evidence or clinical trials that indicate its effectiveness in enhancing the whiteness of your teeth.

  • So even though there are a lot of claims being made, it is still not verified whether charcoal actually fulfils all those claims.

  • Some dentists advise caution against the regular use of charcoal toothpaste as the downsides may outweigh the overall gains of the product.

  • The effective whitening action of charcoal toothpaste is considered as a myth by many dental experts.

  • They believe that the only way to whiten teeth is by undergoing professional whitening services provided by experts.

  • Any such toothpaste that does not contain the necessary amount of fluoride is not ideal for the teeth.

  • The charcoal particles can also erode the enamel and once it gets eroded, certain pigments like tannin can attach themselves to the teeth more easily.

  • This will lead to more stains on the teeth.

  • So the dentists suggest that it is best not to get carried away by the hype and promotional material and shift to charcoal toothpaste.