Does Hand sanitizer cause any harm while i use it before eating?

Hey. Can i use hand sanitizer before eating to cleanse my hand and straight away eat with it? Will it harm my body?

No. It’s good to eat straight from your hands after drying the sanitizer. It contains ethyl alcohol (edible) along with bactericidal chemicals of less than 0.01 percent.

And the sanitizer accounts for very small amounts relative to the normal intake of these chemicals. You directly absorb more hazardous and toxic chemicals from the food.

Those chemicals on your hand that aren’t part of your diet or drugs are harmful for consumption, to a lesser or greater degree, but they may not be dangerous. You may not know all of the chemicals in a hand sanitizer, because this is a combination of many chemical compounds.

The easiest way to get your hand ready to eat is to wash it with water and soap.Usage of a hand sanitizer when handling food is usually considered safe.

An alcohol hand sanitizer is particularly effective in the foodservice industry after washing hands with soap and water as an additional hand disinfection measure.