Dietary dos and don’ts: Healthy pregnancy

  • Try to derive all your nourishment from natural and “real” foods instead of opting for highly refined and processed foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably free of chemicals and pesticides) and whole grains with legumes are the best options.

  • Pregnant women need to consume 2-3 glasses of milk (fat-free) to meet the daily required dosage of calcium, in addition to calcium supplements.

  • The intake of caffeine should be highly restricted in pregnant women. For those who are addicted to the morning coffee or pot of tea, try munching on fruits such as apples and bananas. The natural sugar present in these will give you the energy lift you need.

  • Fish is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. You need these for healthy brain development of the fetus. Studies have shown strong links between increased fish consumption by expecting mothers and higher IQ levels in their kids.

  • Following yet another popular fad diet circulating the internet should be strictly prohibited. Your baby is extremely sensitive to your nutritional status. At this point, the baby needs more than 40 nutrients daily. Fad diets tend to limit these essential nutrients in your food.

  • Refrain from eating undercooked meats and seafood such as sushi or sashimi. Also, consume only pasteurized milk and milk products. Consuming these could trigger dangerous infections such as listeriosis.

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