Diagnosis for Sensory diabetic Neuropathy

  • Other than the normal physical examination, diagnosis also involves assessing the sensation, muscle power, joint stability, and pinprick test.

  • Vibration test is also conducted by placing a tuning fork near the foot or the toe in order to assess sensation.

  • Autonomic function test generally include checking the blood pressure and heart rate during a series of actions.

  • Nerve biopsy can be performed in order to eliminate other causes of nerve damage.

This condition can be diagnosed in the following ways

  • Physical and neurological exam: This is done to check the body’s coordination, reflexes, and ability to perceive different sensations.
  • Nerve conduction test: This test is carried out to determine how well electrical signals travel along the sensory nerves. This helps to evaluate the presence of sensory diabetic neuropathy, the type of damage and the severity.
  • Blood tests: This is done to determine the presence of diabetes if it hasn’t been diagnosed as yet.