Corona virus & false negative tests!

The total number of positive coronavirus infections has touched a shocking 6.15 million mark and the number may continue to rise as countries around the world loosen lockdown restrictions. In addition to the highly contagious nature of the virus, the inaccuracies of the covid-19 test resulting in false negatives are another scary aspect.

Not only is a false negative troubling for the patient, but he/she may also turn into a silent carrier of the novel coronavirus, without reliable findings. There have been several recorded cases of mild symptoms snowballing into a serious COVID disease as the diagnostic tests have denied the existence of novel coronavirus.

Experts also believe that the collection of specimens may have much to do with false negatives as compared to the tests themselves. For example, if the nose swab is not taken correctly from the far back of the nose and mouth (where the virus allegedly places itself in the mucous membranes), the sample may not contain enough virus to detect in the test.

Experts agree that even though you have tested negative for the COVID 19 test but continue to exhibit signs of the disease, you should isolate yourself and follow all the precautions. Two false negative tests (or three or four days after you have contracted the virus) will typically take you or test positive for the disease.

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