Consequences of bad oral hygiene


  1. Bad gums = Weak heart
    When your arteries harden, they restrict normal blood flow directed towards your heart. This could lead to serious damage in terms of cardiac arrest or even stroke.

  2. The cycle of diabetes
    Heightened glucose levels restrict the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the gums, exacerbating gum infections. This means that gum diseases and diabetes are deeply inter-related, with one causing the other and forming a vicious cycle.

  3. Gum infections and maternal health
    Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pregnant women become more susceptible to infections, including gingivitis and periodontitis.

  4. Gums and osteoporosis
    Several gum diseases also cause bone-loss (loss of enamel and even the entire tooth). Since a loss of bone density is central to both osteoporosis and gum disorders, it is important to understand the relationship between the two.

  5. Oral health linked to Alzheimer’s
    Gram-negative bacteria, which is present in gum infections can cause direct impact on the brain. Shrinking of the brain due to inflammation is the mark of Alzheimer’s. And your bad oral hygiene could be contributing to this.